In order to prepare for a photoshoot, we can follow these simple steps to help you become more comfortable and confident in front of the camera. It takes courage, confidence, as well as trust in the photographer to be in front of the camera. So, if you have booked a session with me or if you are thinking about it, I want to give you a tap on the back, congratulations!

First thing you can do to prepare for a photoshoot is GET INSPIRED. Go through some of my pictures on my website or on Pinterest and browse through the infinite selections of styles. See which pictures you like and share them with me! I cannot wait to see what you have selected.

Second, is prepare a playlist. Select music that makes you FEEL GOOD and that brings out the vibe that you wish to portray in the images. This is important because it will set the mood and the tone for how you feel > how you look > how the images come out. As a photographer, it is my job to take the best pictures possible considering your angles, style and beauty. I will also help you feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Third, think about what you want your message to be. What are you shooting for? Is it to update your portfolio, your profile picture, your website content, your social media? What do you want people to think when they see your picture? What is the immediate reaction you want them to have? I ask you these questions because the more you know what you want, the better we can create the best results possible. Prepare in advance by thinking about all the things you would need to make your dream photoshoot experience come true.

Fourth, mindset. Let’s not underestimate the power of our mind. Positive self-talk can move mountains! Practice repeating these mantras to yourself and see how you feel. » I am Beautiful », « I embrace my most authentic and unique self », « I love who I am », « I feel and look beautiful ». Repeating these mantras can help you feel good in your mind and in your body as well as boost your confidence level.

Finally, study your body language. Look in the mirror and practice making shapes with your body. Example: Keep your back straight, try smiling, see which side of your face you like best, etc. I should be making a blog post about « how to pose in front of the camera » so if this is interesting for you, please check it out!

I hope these tips can help you prepare for your photoshoot experience with me. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me and i’ll be more than happy to talk!