Few words about me…

You know how sometimes you watch a movie and you can’t help but cry? I’m that person and my boyfriend makes fun of me all the time. I just can’t help but be moved by the story and emotions.

My life growing up was similar. I grew up in a big family and as the youngest of 4, I was good at observing and feeling all the emotions in the movie of my life.

My sensitive nature and ability to observe has played well for me as this has helped me to sculpt my path to becoming a wedding photographer tell the story of my clients the same way as a movie would.

My intention is to capture all the magic and the beauty during your celebration so that later you can look back at the photos and feel those emotions all over again. People spend all their lives dreaming for this special moment and finally it’s here! With their beloved by their side, their vows have a meaning and their community is here to support. I am here to eternalize those moments for generations to come. 

Rana studied film and photography in college and has traveled extensively around the world during all of her 20s. She knew that she wanted to work in the wedding industry but it wasn’t until her love for photography and her love for love married that it became clear that this was to be her path.

During a photoshoot session with Rana you can expect professionalism, some fun and good laughter. After all, it’s when we enjoy ourselves that we capture the best moments!

Now, you know everything about me. So then, are you ready to know all about the process?

Let’s go!

We loved spending our special day taking pictures with Rana and her team! they were on time, professional and active! We honestly had such a blast and it shows on the pictures. They went through crazy lengths to get good angles of us. They captured us naturally. They were a great hype team.. like the greatest … We never thought we would be able to get comfortable in front of a camera yet they made us feel so good about it.

I definitely recommend her to everyone that wants to capture the magic in their day.

The pictures came out so nice…. we still look at them everyday…. it’s been a month ! oh and you get the pictures so quickly!

Book her, you won’t regret it!