In the area of Montreal…

I catch your best smile!

Whatever the context, I can take some pictures of you for work or to feed you self-confidence. We all know it helps 🙂

My purpose? Take a picture of your best smile, the REAL one, and also to make you happy.

During your booking, we establish the wishing place and the purpose of this shooting. Then, we choose our moment and we move into action.

You want to have more information about the rate? Let’s take a look at the contact section!

Taxes not included.


“What a wonderful experience I had with Rana! She is professional, adaptable, went with all my crazy ideas and added some of her creativity and ideas in the mix. She is such a ray of sunshine, made me feel comfortable from the beginning!

I got spectacular photos filled with magic from our shoot, and looking forward to do this again soon!!”

Julie Comeau