Usually, people book 6 to 12 months in advance with their wedding photographer. Since the pandemic, this time frame has changed a little bit but the way I book with my client is the same. After receiving your initial inquiry, we will have a consultation call and we will identify the right package for you based on your needs and budget. At this stage, if you feel we are a right fit, then a contract will be signed and a security deposit will be made.

Engagement photos

After your deposit is made, we will pick a date and location for your engagement shoot. I highly recommend hiring me for an engagement shoot to capture the timeless moments of you before your big day. Practically, this will be a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and get comfortable in front of the camera. At this point I love getting to know the couple more, how you met, your story, what your dynamic is, what you like to do together, things like that. This will help me with the creative process as well as know what kind of mood we will go for. I will help with the scouting process of course although I do recommend we go to a place that you both love or have meaningful memories there.

Pre-wedding preparation

Before your big day comes, I will send you a checklist of all your must-haves photos of your big day. I usually recommend we shoot at a place that is meaningful for you both. I will also help with scouting if necessary. We will have a pre-wedding talk to make sure everything runs as you dream it.

Wedding day

The big day has come! I will arrive at our planned location 30 minutes in advance to start preparing to shoot. I will be there taking pictures of what we agreed, as well as capture the magic of this wonderful day. I will photograph this day like a story being told so that in the future when you will look back at that day, you will remember every detail and feel like you are living it all over again. My presence here will be felt but also not too much as I love nothing more than to capture natural candid moments that you later remember and love!


I will carefully select and edit the best moments and photographs of your wedding day. This process will take between 2 and 3 weeks but don’t worry, we will send you teaser photos just a few days after your weddings so you can show your family and friends! All the final images will be ready for you in a beautiful online gallery and you will also have an APP just for your pictures! This is where you will also receive your album and print if you have chosen that in our preparation process!